Temporary for construction sites

specialized fences

Temporary segments

This type of specialized fence will work perfectly as a temporary safeguard for construction sites, road works, temporary warehouses, mass events, fairs and various outdoor events.  The structure of adjustable fences was developed so as to enable their quick setup at the intended destination and efficient disassembly after temporary use. The proper selection of technical specifications and dimensions, and the high quality of workmanship of temporary fences from the METPOL brand, ensure excellent functional properties and the possibility of their multiple use, even under difficult operating conditions.


2,00 m


3,50 m

Wire diameters

3 – 4 mm

Pipe diameter

30 i 42 mm

Technical specifications

The structure of segments is based on a frame made of welded steel pipes, and the filling is a panel of bonded wires with several options of wire thickness and mesh size, which makes it possible to adjust the system to the Investor’s requirements. A component ensuring fast setup and disassembly of moveable fences are massive, prefabricated concrete footings manufactured from reinforced, vibropressed concrete, equipped with 6 installation holes. The offer is complemented by a range of standard and optional accessories such as: clasps for joining segments, supports for increasing stability, hinges and wheels for gates, advertising labels, canvas covers.

Table of dimensions

Segment dimensions Wires horizontal/vertical Mesh size Segment weight
2000×3500 mm Ø 3,0 / 3,0 mm 100×300 mm approx. 13 kg
2000×3500 mm Ø 3,5 / 3,5 mm 100×300 mm approx. 15 kg
2000×3500 mm Ø 4,0 / 4,0 mm 100×300 mm approx. 22 kg
2000×3500 mm Ø 3,5 / 3,5 mm 100×200 mm approx. 21 kg
2000×3500 mm Ø 4,0 / 4,0 mm 100×200 mm approx. 23 kg

Technical parameters

Segment dimensions Diameter of steel wires
2000×3500 mm (panel 1830 mm) Ø 3,0 mm / 3,5 / 4,0 mm
Segment frame structure Wire spacing  
Vertical pipes Ø 42 mm and horizontal Ø 30 mm 100×200 lub 100×300 mm 
Dimensions and weight of concrete footing Optional horizontal reinforcement
620x220x130 mm, 32 kg Pipe Ø 30 mm 
Optional equipment I Optional equipment II
support, nail, wheel and hinge for gate label, canvas cover, plastic foot

Quick and easy installation

Installation of a temporary fence boils down to fixing vertical pipes forming the segment frame in prefabricated concrete footers equipped with 6 installation holes. Special steel clasps, fastened by joining elements, are used to join segments (optimally, when segments are fastened at 2 points). Depending on the nature of the destination, operating loads, type of base, external factors (e.g. wind speed), it may be useful to apply additional elements such as: universal stabilizing ballasts, nails for ballasts, systemic protection against extraction of segments from concrete footings. 

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Grounds protected by a temporary fence sometimes require the creation of pedestrian crossings or driveways for passenger cars or delivery vans (construction sites). For this purpose, we propose diverse optional accessories, such as hinges or driving wheels for double-leaf gates and wickets, which make it possible to adapt typical segments to a new traffic function. Of course, it is also possible to manufacture segments that will be used as gates and wickets, according to the dimension meeting the Customer’s individual needs. 

Advertising labels

Temporary construction site fences set up in city centers, in public areas, near roads with high traffic, in the immediate vicinity of shopping malls, during mass events, create free advertising space that can reach a wide group of potential customers. We offer personalization of temporary fences through factory integration with the segments of double-sided advertising labels, weather-resistant, with your company’s logo and contact information. This is an excellent way to promote your own brand, create its professional image and acquire new customers.

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